National IT Industry Promotion Agency.

Purpose of Establishment

NIPA devotes itself to reinforcing the competitiveness of the IT industry and contributes to the economic growth through the efficient support and laying the groundwork for the industrial technology promotion.

Mission & Vision
Mission “ICT industry Enhancement and Creation of the Future Industry”
Vision n Agency Promoting ICT / Software and Creating the Future Value
The Five Strategic Objectives
  • Foster the New Business Start-ups
  • Reinforce the competitiveness of Software Industries
  • Create the Growth Engine through the Inventive ICT Convergence
  • Cultivate People of Talent with Originality and ICT Convergence
  • Forward the Industrial Settings-centered Strategic Planning
Strategic Tasks
Foster the New Business Start-ups
Support the ICT/Software Business Starters
Support the Overseas Expansion of the ICT/Software Industries
Promote the Global Research Infrastructure
Reinforce the Competitiveness of Software Industries
Strengthen the Foundation of Software Industries
Expand the New Software Industry and Creation of Edmand
Create the Growth Engine through the Inventive ICT Convergence
Lead the ICT Convergence Industry
Create and Expand the New ICT Convergence Industry
Establish the Knowledge Convergence Industry Infrastructure
Cultivate People of Talent with Originality and ICT Convergence
Foster the Major Talents in ICT on a Global Level
Train the Demand-directed Talents
The Five Strategic Objectives
  • Creativity
  • Expertise
  • Global Mind
  • Social Responsibilities
  • Customer Orientation
  • - Policy research and development support for the IT industry
  • - Help establish the foundation of the IT industry and cultivate its human resource
  • - Vitalize the distribution market for the development of the IT industry and support marketing
  • - Promote businesses related to the convergence and utilization of IT technology
  • - Support international exchange, cooperation, and overseas expansion related to the IT industry
International Cooperation

NIPA has concluded 23 MOUs with world-class institutions, universities, and companies since 2001 thus building a solid international cooperative network.

Ministry of Science and ICT

MSIT will lead innovation of the nation’s industries based on imagination, creativity, science and technology and ICT, recreating industries and markets as new growth engines and presenting a new vision of hope.

Building on our successful industrial development and informatization up to now, MSIT will work to create sheer excitement of living in the new era of creative economy, leading convergence and diffusion of industries while taking on new challenges and opportunities.

This is the very face of MSIT today that opens up the new possibilities of tomorrow with tireless passion, relishing global recognition for its work.

The main activities are as follows;
Establishment of Science and technology policy and evaluation of overall adjustment
Research, cooperation and promotion of development of science & technology
National Informatization Planning and Information Security
New convergence services & media Spectrum policy & Management
Establishment of Information and communication policy